Sense of Possibility: Forbidden Joys I am not allowed to do

  1. Go skiing, cross- country
  2. Take two weeks off to do nothing but reading and yoga. (I may do this, thinking of doing it in the next week.)
  3. Hop a train to Saint Cloud by myself. I just want to because there’s a train there. Trains are meant to be hopped, dammit.
  4. Run into an emptyish movie theater and yell “Fire Sale!”
  5. Play an elaborate prank involving an elevator.
  6. Refuse to buy gifts for people that are complete shits to me.
  7. Laugh hysterically when Mike’s grandmother says something smug and ignorant about her mission work. (She’s funding the further ruination of central Africa.)
  8. Drop water balloons off my balcony.
  9. Follow this with round abuse of a slingshot.
  10. Publish a book. I don’t know why that’s on there, but apparently I still retained the bullshit of “not allowed to” from a batch of crazymakers. I guess I better come up with a way to seek permission from some actual authorities.