Sense of Integrity: what happened with the media deprivation

I’m looking at the reading deprivation question, the “staying stuck” and the “clean your closet” tasks all at the same time. Over the past month I’ve already progressively been cleaning out every closet in my home; it’s part of an annual exercise I do to ensure positive energy flow. I’ve overhauled our bedroom closet – it is a thing of beauty now, even without the turning whirligigs I originally wanted. I also just redid the kitchen organization, and I’m disposing of one or two items that carry some very negative energy/association. I decided to give a couple of the “don’t touch” objects a chance, and nope… some things from some sources just never change. Not much I can do about that, I guess – Mike will dispose of them, and I need to commence on some rituals of considerable cleansing.

As to “staying stuck” I would pick my Etsy shop as the “stuck” thing, and I’m slowly working my way out of that. My overall stuck is that my projects have each grown large enough to conflict with one another – Etsy now conflicts with Fat Chic which now also conflicts with the book I’ve been writing for almost five years now. This also does not take into account sundry writing/assembly projects I want to do, and a big change in my Etsy shop. I’m not really sure how to resolve this. I like ALL these projects, and I gain a certain type of satisfaction from each. I’m hoping I can just find a rhythm and go with it, but so far I’m still struggling.

And the media fast – it failed because I use TV to disconnect from people. To be honest, I’ve only recently reintroduced regular reading back to my personal curriculum, so skipping it made very little difference as most of the reading I do goes to review books only of late. Hm, reading sounds nice…