Sense of Integrity: My Artist’s Prayer

My Artist’s Prayer March 2011
Dear Eros, I see now
that I’ve raised the jumps –
as time will raise them,
as practice will raise them.
I accept this. In turn,
you too have raised those jumps
and ask me to launch myself
to my next stage of potential.
I am gratitude and resentment
and eventually, I am understanding.
These memories surface
to inform me of now –
I see this. I see this. I see this.
These pasts that I confront each day, each month, each year
I clear from my karma to move freely to my next lesson
to my next commitment
to my next co-creation beside you.
You are love. I am love. You are love.
My creation flows freely, as free as love demands
and on the same waves that love pours forth from.
You are where these changes come from.
Be gentle with me, with them, the ones that love me
in the end we are all one,
and through you, through gifts, through love and gratitude and acceptance of how formless love is
I shape, I create, I open, I surrender, I flower.
Creation is your gift to me, and by living freely
I am a gift back to you.
– Diana Rajchel, March 1 2011