Sense of Integrity: Secret Space

I can’t really do a “secret” space in my apartment – at just about 1000 square feet, even with Mike and I carefully moderating our possessions, there just isn’t a whole lot of room for privacy. I do have ambitions toward a reading nook – a place with an enormous, expensive cuddle chair, mounds of pillows, a privacy screen and a placed just-so reading lamp (possibly a side table for books, if there’s space.) Since the cuddle chair costs at the bottom end $1600 and I have some loans to pay, it’s going to be awhile before that happens. Also, I’d need to remove an entire bookcase to make room for it.

But since we do have a little flexibility right now, I am installing a meditation corner as Mike has started meditating too. I’m thinking mainly floor pillows – in bright, vibrant, stimulating colors – and if we can swing it, the privacy screen. Maybe a low table for books, incense, candles, what have you. It’s in the corner of our living room, at the end of the couch, right next to our balcony doors. I can focus on the sunset or the skyline when I sit in that spot.

I’m glad I refused to let Mike get a coffee table and got a special end table best suited to laptops when we moved in. I did see a divider screen with storage pockets; that might come in handy for keeping my prayer books easily accessible. It’ll be lovely once it’s in.