Sense if Integrity: My ideal environment

Kitchen- Stage Left
My ideal environment is safe, open, well-lit. Must have fundamental tasks in some way automated: dishwasher, cleaning service, laundry service. (Hey, you said ideal.) Coffee maker set on an alarm. (I do actually have this.) Bookshelves, lining the walls. Controlled temperature. I’m having some privilege guilt over this, and it’s really so useless. I like bright colors – reds and pinks, oranges offset by blues and golds. I prefer summer, a warm environment, something where I can work during the heat of the day and enjoy the freedom of long walks at night. I must have an excellent kitchen, live where pizza is delivered and be in a city or close enough to one that I can routinely go to museums, libraries, theater and university events. Someday I might even start a bookstore on Kawaii.  Absolutely no teakwood furniture, though – I hate the smell of it. I want a round bed in my bedroom with jewel-toned sheets; I’d say satin, but having slept on them they’re not very practical. Lighting around it would be optimized for reading. I’d also have a day bed in my living room or office. Both would have mounds of funky, colorful pillows. All wood floors, except the bedroom. Only the bedroom would have carpet, a light color, pale pink or gold – something restful yet mentally restorative. I’d have one room that is set aside as a library and ritual space. Old fashioned botanic prints would line any walls not covered in bookshelves.

Outside I’d have a raging garden, stuffed with flowers and herbs of any variety I can grab. The inside would also have house plants in any sunny corner, and with any luck, a dog.