Day 2 of Media Detox

… a part of my brain is shaking.

My friend Steven asked me why I would do something like this to myself. The answer is easy:

because I need to. I am addicted to television and books, and I do use them as a way to avoid work/creating. Blogs are wonderful, and I run one – but lately I’ve been letting them run me. So 7 days without movies, TV, or reading – along with limited Internet – should actually get me going on all the stuff I’ve been putting off.

Yesterday, I did an extended artist’s date. Today, I got up – before 11! – and got a haircut. I’m not home, writing minimums finished, having given myself a facial, a bath, and a long meditation session. Now I’m casting around reflexively for something to do. I’ll start by going through the Artist’s Way exercises, and once I’ve finished this coffee I’ll likely sit down and continue working on the details of my workshop for Paganicon.

This is hard. I can actually feel the me underneath my skin vibrating, shaking, jonesing, grasping to something to obsess about just for a distraction.