Sense of Power Chapter Check-in

1. 7 out of 7 on morning pages. Using 750Words, may return to handwritten. Undecided.

2. I worked in two artist’s dates last week: a trip to Como conservatory (polar bears!) and a walk through the MIA. Both were lovely. I have one scheduled today – a lecture by a shaman I deeply admire.

3. I don’t believe I experienced any synchronous events this week per se; in fact I felt like I encountered some loving roadblocks issued by the universe. I did discover a new botanica, however.

4. Issues significant to my recovery…one big issue is that my relationship is in a state of suspension, based on some awkward discoveries about my orientation. It’s very much affecting my worldview, and my work. I’m praying it doesn’t break up my marriage, but trying to prepare in case it does, as it’s not the sort of thing I can just switch off. This isn’t something I discovered this week, this is just something I’m wrestling with now.