Sense of Power: 5 People I Admire

I distinctly remember, in junior high, being asked for my role models and having none. Not my parents, not celebrities, sure as hell not my sister. I had teachers, lots, some good, some terrible, none that I would emulate, ever. I also found my peers lacking in depth, heart and decency.

While I’m not as harsh a judge as I once was, I still don’t necessarily look up to people. I look at people instead. In terms of traits, I look for things I would like to know how to do that I can learn from these individuals.

So – who do I admire?

1. Queen Latifah – she’s confident, clear of vision and strong

2. Ruth – my friend Ruth has a lot of professional ups and downs, and she rides them with humor and grace

3. Mike – my husband isn’t just smart, he does what he truly loves. I envy that he found it so early in life, and that he takes to it with such commitment.

4. Gabourey Sidibe – the woman is made of pure grace

5. Lisa – she has the rare combination of being both organized AND neopagan

In terms of “secretly” admire… I”M not much with secrets, actually. I suppose

1. Bob – he’s lost a lot, but keeps it together and finds ways to be positive and whole

2. My neighbor down the hall – she’s wheelchair bound and has a lot of health problems yet keeps a more active social life than I do

3. S. – an old love, he’s made something of his life in a completely different culture and made it work through the strength of his sincerity

4. Jaime – she’s a bottomless pit of stories worth telling

5. Paul B. – a local politician from where I grew up; he’s maintained integrity even in the face of loss