Sense of Power: Friends that Nurture

When considering friends that nurture me – as in genuine support – over the years, there are few, but I am blessed to have those that I do.

Brenda – her influence has helped me see the world through my heart so much more than I ever did before

LaTonya – she has a way of seeing the soul’s truth of a situation; she calls me on my bullshit and  points me to my own strength

Angelique – cluster member, consistently supportive and points to specifics that interest her and she looks to the positive construction of all things

Xiane – cluster member, also very supportive as she’s able; she has faith in my sanity

Joel – he listens, he listens, he listens

Mike – even with some of our troubles of late, he wants me to be me – he accepts the whole package, and that’s a first in any of my romantic relationships. He wants me to create. He wants me to be released. On the one hand, it scares him because of the potential personal costs, but on the other hand, he really wants me to achieve whatever it is I’m here to even if it skews our plans for our life together. I admire that. It’s almost impossible to love a romantic partner unconditionally and I am beyond gifted that he wants to love me that way.

The key to these relationships is that they’re free of judgment. Yes, there is a factor of “bad idea/good idea” that goes back and forth, but the key – especially as my break from normative society deepens every year – and ultimately, the good I do is recognized and pointed out to me. I cherish this.