Sense of Power: Habits

I think most of us have bad habits that double as vices; bad friends are a form of vice.

My three worst habits right now –

  1. I do use TV as an excuse to avoid work. My husband and I are connoisseurs of fine television; this is both an asset and a drawback as we’ve established a selection of programming that’s almost always very, very good. We’re attempting to start a media blog that will move my TV from passive vice to active art project, but I’ve had a hard time getting started because of the inert nature of television watching.
  2. I sleep too late. I really do get the most and best work done between 6 am and noon. Unfortunately, partly as a byproduct of winter, partly as a byproduct of depression, I’ve been getting up at 10:30 am at the earliest.
  3. I actually don’t play enough. Skipping my artist’s dates depletes my inner well on a profound emotional level. I let personal drama keep me from nurturing myself in that basic way, too. I HAVE to learn to stick to my guns on the artist’s dates and on getting time to myself.