A down day

052810 007  - Outdoor Candle Shots
Much of my energy has gone into magical work lately. As much as when I was in my twenties, and recently discovered magic, and became obsessed for awhile. In fact, Witch’s Wand by Sloan just came on the radio as I write this. Funny.

Today is the optimal day for a spell I’ve been repeating. But I’m completely tapped out – I had to do some really intense stuff this week, and now I’m completely out of energy. Yet I feel guilty for not “getting it done.” I feel angry, frustrated, thwarted.

I also recognize that if I try to force myself to work, it will be utterly counterproductive. So for today, I rest. I read blogs. I read Eat Pray Love. I work in a passive artist’s date – I think a fluffy movie at the Riverview will do.

I rest. I’ll feel better tomorrow. If I don’t, then I’ll just do one small thing. And another small thing the next day. Maybe two small things on Sunday.

Because that’s what it will take.