In the book, these are titled “weekly” check-ins. While I realize I need not do every exercise, my life sometimes doesn’t allow me to complete the process in a week, and I’m serious about that not-pressuring-myself thing. I’ve got enough going on, why add more?


1. I did 7 out of 7 on the morning pages. I prefer to handwrite, but for privacy reasons that are still healing I type them now. I have to write slightly past the 750Words recommended on to feel like I’ve achieved full release. I’ve also taken to writing letters to specific loved ones. They will not see these letters (they better not!) but it helps me feel like I’ve spoken to their higher selves and allows me to release the things that bother me and return to the course of my daily work.

2. I did do an artist’s date this week, albeit a tiny one. I went to the Barnes and Noble with the used books, looked at a few books and left. It wasn’t huge, but it was what I could fit in given my car sharing situation and the cold weather.

3. My significant issues actually revolve around my past. I keep digging up old work that I did and really looking at it; who I was in my twenties has done much to form my identity now at 35. I’m wanting to arrange that work and share it, since much of it still holds true with who I am today. I even found a guidebook I wrote for Pagans in college. I know it was re-released by someone on the Internet years ago, but that student organization faded, and perhaps I can get a local student to look at it and tell me about what’s relevant now.