Sense of Identity: Twenty Things I Like Doing

Silhouette in the Guthrie Window

  1. Walking in wooded areas (years)*
  2. Writing poetry (today)
  3. Live theater (year)
  4. Photography (days)
  5. Watching stand up comedy (years)
  6. Sidewalk chalk drawing (years)
  7. Leaving cryptic messages on chalkboards (years)
  8. Candlemaking (years)
  9. Soapmaking (just melt and pour) (years)
  10. Visiting a pizza place in Jordan, MN (years)
  11. Playing video poker (months)
  12. Dancing (day)
  13. Playing with Play-dough (years)
  14. Designing perfume (months)
  15. Shooting pool (year)
  16. Constructing (harmless) practical jokes (days)
  17. Reading fiction (months)
  18. Decoupage (weeks)
  19. Enjoying a coffee date (months)
  20. Reading a web comic from start to finish (years)

*Parentheses for how long since I engaged in listed activity.