Sense of Identity: Where Does Your Time Go? Part 1

My 5 major activities this week:

I’m including the last two weeks, because illness slowed down my end-of-year work, making this week my actual “start” to 2011. My five major activities were:

  1. Ritual Workings to take advantage of astrological conditions created post solar eclipse
  2. Reading books for review
  3. Overhauling my livejournal, updating blogs, etc.
  4. Flickr – I’m trying to get a lot more of my photos into groups so people might look at them
  5. Sleeping – again, still had some illness going on

This week will be much more about blogging and actually working on my book manuscript.  I have a series of intensive to-do lists in my Google tasks, and I am getting through them. With my realization about how much I need those artist’s dates, my mini-obsession with flickr and my perfume business clamoring for my attention, of course, I have some other stuff I gotta get done, too.