Sense of Safety: Check in

1. Morning Pages

I think I did 6 days this week. Due to some privacy issues, they’re split in multiple locations online and off. I always feel weird when I don’t do them, and online doesn’t have the psychological benefits that analog does for me.


2. Artist’s Date

I did not make an artist’s date this week. 😦 I’m looking into taking myself on one very soon, even if it’s just sitting down and watching a musical. I plan on doing artist’s date make-up days, too. Since I’ve started taking dance classes with my husband, that is cutting into my on my own time, and the holidays also disrupted quite a bit of that time. Does time at the YWCA count as artist’s date time since it’s absolutely me time? Nah, probably not, but I do really enjoy it.


3. Issues this week

I wouldn’t say I had issues, but the astrological climate has the world culmination dinging in my head.