Recovering a Sense of Safety: a letter to the editor in my defense

Dear Critics et. al:

You are often down on Ms. Rajchel, raising criticisms about her body, her demeanor, even the things that engage her like classic novels and clothing. I wish to say in her defense: YOU SUCK.

Ms. Rajchel takes her pleasure where she takes it. She likes clothing, lots of it. She loves those old dusty books printed long before the New York Times offered a best seller list. As to her body, it’s not her obligation to look like someone you want to fuck. She also will not behave as “women should.” She proudly bore the T-shirt “Well-behaved women rarely make history” and will most certainly continue to piss you off. She will not be forgotten, controlled or suppressed. That you want to do so suggests that you are evil, and weak, and that perhaps you just aren’t as important as you think you are.

If you feel joy is so rare and precious that you must steal it from her, then truly you are impoverished – and no amount of theft and suppression will ever fix that.



Ms. Rajchel