Update from magickalrealism

When I’m between books, predictably, I disappear. I need to check the last time I posted. The Write Yourself Right diet did motivate me to exercise more, always good, but I still feel as though Cameron came from a more than slightly misinformed place about the body. Her shame at being a size 16 made me cringe because there’s no shame in being any size, ever. That’s why I write Fat Chic.

I do have a copy of the Right to Write, but given some recent personal setbacks, I’m considering revisiting the artist’s way. This is, ostensibly, an artist’s way blog – and yet all posts revolve around Cameron’s other works to date. I also still have several other books on creativity piled up, and quite the work pileup with my blog and studio. While all that matters, what also matters is my sense of sanity and reason. I could use some inner-child work, a lot, actually, and the reset would be very, very helpful.