Commitments: Just for Today

10 Commitments I can make just for today:

1. I can make sure I get in a workout. If I go too long with Joel (or Paul, or any of my other social commitments)  and can’t make the Y, I can always use my building’s exercise room.

2. I can revise one page of my Divorcing a Real Witch manuscript.

3.  I can drink at least 64 ounces of water today.

4. I can do my calisthenics.

5. I can make sure I spend some time with Mike.

6. I can go for a walk.

7. I can read one page from a book, or maybe even a chapter.

8. I can contact one friend I haven’t seen in awhile to schedule a coffee meetup.

9. I can find one thing that makes me laugh.

10. I can eat clean, my full serving of fruits and vegetables.