Good genes

While clearly I did inherit the tendency towards obesity from somewhere, I do have the following advantages:

1)I am 34, and the nasio-cranial folds only appear on my face when I smile. Otherwise, my face is smooth. I also have very little in the way of wrinkles appearing around my eyes. I’ve seen pictures of my high school classmates on Facebook; some are aging better than others. I fall in the “better than others” category, even with the significant weight gain.

2)While I was horrified when my breasts not only sprouted on my chest but drooped, they have not fallen further since they first appeared when I was 8. People often assume them to be a cup size larger than they actually are – and this even happened when I was at lower weights.

3)I have clear skin for the most part. This takes a bit of maintenance, water drinking, exercise and moisturizer, but it’s successful.

4)I have really strong, muscular legs. In fact, left to my own devices I have a tendency towards muscularity. I think this aspect, which peeked out briefly when I was a teenager, is going to be a significant aspect of my appearance later in life.

5)I have really healthy hair, the kind you have to dump peroxide on twice before dye will even take.  I’ve quit dying it – too much work for too high a risk of breakout. The silvery-white hairs coming in so far are appearing in pretty places.