I’m actually inclined to exercise but have allowed illness – chronic hiving – to knock me off that course. Which makes sense, when hives on my feet prevent me from walking much less running a treadmill. For a long time it became a catch 22: when I did exercise, my symptoms receded, but all too often my symptoms physically prevented me from working out. The weight gain was terrible, but I walked to work when I could and tried to sneak in something, anything, even if I dealt with my feelings of frustration, loss and isolation by overeating in between.

Now that my illness is controlled, it’s easier. My husband just agreed to make my YWCA membership permanent, and I’ve been getting a lot out of that – water aerobics 2-3 times a week, and I hit the treadmill on other days (I am so not ready for the elliptical.) My endurance has improved, and people have commented on changes in my appearance: most know me and my body acceptance work, so leave it at “You look healthy.” They are wise. It’s not my job to look like someone the world wants to fuck.
After all, I don’t work in Hollywood where it’s a professional requirement.

In terms of exercise I enjoy:
Bellydance – I’m at a tribal school, and I make lessons less frequently than I’d like, but I’ve got money socked back as they do a fabulous punch card system.
Water aerobics and swimming – love water. When the pool at my current Y location reopens in two weeks, I’m going to get involved in their swimming master’s class. I can avoid drowning in a pool, but I’d really like to improve my skills as a swimmer.
Any and all dance – you name it, I want to try it. Except possibly for clog dancing – that just looks ugly to me.
Yoga – nothing terribly advanced, I just recognize that it’s great for loosening me up in a slow and deliberate way that makes it easier to live in my own body.

I would really like to study Aikido at some point. I feel like a martial art would round out my fitness perfectly.

So yes, I enjoy exercise and I’m actually inclined to be active between writing pages.