Beauty Collage

Beauty Collage for Write Yourself Right

This is the beauty collage I made exercise from the Write Yourself Right exercises. Here’s what I learned from paging through Interview magazine, one of the arguably highest of high fashion magazines:

I absolutely do NOT agree with what they’re presenting as beautiful. Women are slicked back, expressionless and utterly flat. That’s not beauty. That’s just…at-best fugly beige in a Sunday hat. What few images I found that did appeal can take two interpretations:

One, that I wish I was blonde. Maybe, probably not. Or, that I wish I was thin. Sort of, not exactly.

What I realized is I chose images that I related to, that I saw something in them that is similar to myself. The sharp eyes behind the glasses, the free-spirit natural look, a bright smile…those are the qualities that drew me. I might or might not call these women beautiful. I have to actually know a person before I make that call. But I found something far more appealing and alive in these images than I did in any other I found in the magazine.