Disturbing Binge Behaviors

In terms of truly disturbing food behaviors, my worst ones were in childhood. Trying to force a 4 year old to diet opened some bizarre “food scarcity” behaviors, including eating butter – that’s right, JUST butter – and raw bacon more than once. There was also the phase where I put cream cheese on my pizza. I look back at those shenanigans and just cringe.

As an adult, I have eaten entire bags of chips, entire blocks of cheese, entire whatever in whatever, but nothing compares to the really disturbing childhood stuff. I’ve applied the thirty second rule every so often, but that’s about the worst it gets. I will say that chips are my true trigger food – if I eat one, I eat them all. Efforts to learn to consume them in moderation have failed, so I’m going to have to toss them on my “get past it” list. Fortunately, growing my own food is helping – there is something wholly satisfying and nourishing about a salad from your own garden, and that I can grow it while living in an apartment amazes me.