Sense of Dignity: a letter from a creative saint

From Leonardo da Vinci to myself:

Dearest Diana, if I may call you so familiarly,

Bear with me as I’m translating here. I do so enjoy you. We of the creative saints as you call them do watch the endeavors of the artists below, and I must say you are one of my favorites. While usually quite unconscious, you are so very amusing, especially in the way you struggle against the remnants of a man’s world and change so many minds without even knowing. It’s really quite endearing, and most definitely what I like about you.

I realize you are inclined, as I was, by variety. You need not limit yourself. But my dear, you are not me. You will never achieve that trick by which you write with both hands in opposite directions at the same time. It’s sweet that you want to.

And no, I did not invent the helicopter. I had something altogether different in mind. It was a vision, a fancy, and not the noisemaking beast of modern times.

As to you and your own journey, my dear, all I can say is keep on it. You are at a rather delicate and crucial time in your career. You have some recognition, and a little respect, and you often get deterred and angry by those who are ultimately the most irrelevant to you. Don’t worry about the likes of ____ and _____. They’re going nowhere, stuck in a rut, unable to evolve beyond whatever passed for 20th century magical enlightenment. You my dear are something altogether different, and that’s always hard for people to accept. Especially from a young woman such as yourself. And yes, you are young. Worrying about those wrinkles is nothing more than a distraction from the art you are to go about bearing into the world.

Keep working. Keep writing. Keep making perfume. It will all come together soon, little Medici. And then, my reincarnation of Catherine, you’d better stand yourself out in front of your works instead of hiding behind the men you’re gathering.

With all my love,