Discovering a Sense of Dignity: Scaling the Glass Mountain

Keeping in mind my Divorcing a Real Witch project:

1. It’s definitely in the glass mountain phase, and there will be more than one such phase to this project. The scale I’ve built is HUGE and there have been problems all along the way.

2. I am also in the middle of changing my work schedule from mornings to afternoons to accommodate a YWCA class schedule. I really want to protect the progress I’ve made over the past six months in water aerobics, so it’s a struggle to balance between the physical needs and the artist’s needs. I need to firmly establish hours, I think.

3. I do get lots of solitude as my apartment is my workplace while Mike’s at work. Even so, I’d like to have the funds to find a coffee shop somewhere to hole up in – there’s something comforting and productive about a good coffee shop.

4. Escaping from friends, family and phones is something I excel at.

5. I need to find a special place away from home to write. Writing at home is fine and relieves limitations, but for me it’s partly just about getting out in the world.