Walking in this World: Check in for Magickalrealism

1. I did my morning pages 6 days out of 7; I got up late one day and really wanted to hit the farmer’s market. I should have found time to do the morning pages after, because the psychological barrage that followed was NOT good.

2. I did get out for my artist’s date – I went to a concert.

3. Yes, I did do my weekly walk around Lake Calhoun, tore the hell out of my feet and have vowed to get better shoes yet again.

4. Issues significant to my self-discovery: Yes, boundaries have recurred as a theme. I have people around them pushing on them hard and in unpleasant ways. This does not convince me I have them set to far out, but it does tell me exactly who I need to watch carefully for an overstep, because the ones that are clearly thinking from their own agendas and not taking my feelings or being into consideration.