Discovering a Sense of Cameraderie: Becoming Teachable (the resentments purge)

5 resentments:

1. Throughout high school, and even now, I keep just missing qualifying for the prize winning round of whatever. It’s like a “not quite” curse. Example, I came in as first runner up on that essay contest – and the publication didn’t even tell me I got that far.

2. My family forced me to continue in the music program even after it became obvious the entire experience caused me nothing but misery.

3. Every time I wrote something good or groundbreaking, my sister would come up with the most cutting, creativity blocking comment she could, always – ALWAYS – implying that I should not be writing.

4. I missed out on a ton of networking and career building opportunities because I was stuck with my ex husband in Mankato, thanks to his refusal to move. Of course when she tells the story, all her nasty comments get attributed to me.

5.  I do great work, but I get overlooked all the time because I’m different from what so and so is “looking for.” So original, excellent work by me gets passed over because someone else is approaching their hunt from creative material from a narrow mindset, and then we all get fed the same derivative, overworked crap.

Not generous, but I think that encapsulates my resentments pretty well!