Walking in this world check-in

The check-ins are a little bit looser of late because of the long image series I’m running. Even so, here I am!

1. Morning pages: I did skip a few days when I traveled for the Lane Bryant blogger conference. It was intense, and if I’d had time I’m sure they would have helped, because as it was I was over-caffeinated, underfed and just plain crazy in a few spots. 😦

2. Artist’s Dates: my last artist date was to see Sex and the City 2. It was fun to look at, and while widely panned, talked to some of the experiences I have as a person who chooses other than parenthood and who struggles with the transition from single to married. Even though Mike and I are far more inclined towards domesticity than Big/Carrie, there are moments where his needs/desires for ease conflict with my needs/desire for excitement and attention.

3. Struggles: the conference caused me to work through a lot of my insecurities, especially since my best friend’s wedding was a few days before. The attitudes of others towards me has long been a struggle – people make a lot of assumptions about me, most of which are dead wrong, and I had to deal with some of that at the conference, along with complications of philosophy and attitude. Cameron’s statement “Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business” certainly carried me through the rough spots.

4. Weekly walk: I did manage a couple turns around the neighborhood, but I definitely need to do more. It’s been stormy lately so hard to sneak in a good walk.

2 thoughts on “Walking in this world check-in”

  1. Hi there,

    I just finished The Artist’s Way, which was given to me by a friend after I told her about my struggles with a creative piece. It has been lifechanging in the way it has made me see how to make being creative a part of my lifestyle. I am about to write my new creative contract and was wondering if you had any insights about what the “creative action plan” entails. Maybe I’m blocking but I’m not sure what JC means by it. I’d appreciate your input very much!


  2. Hi Sun!

    I’m so glad you stuck to it! It can be a hard road.
    A creative action plan is sort of like a to do list, or like a career goals list you might do with a manager in a workplace. This identify your end goals – and then identifies the continuously smaller steps you need to take to achieve them. So if you want to become a professional painter, you know you will need not just paint, but people – so you might decide to go to art school, or join an artist’s collective, and so on. Does that make sense?


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