Discovering a Sense of Resiliency: Taking Pity on Yourself

1. It was generous of me to donate that $15 so many years ago so the Lakeland Pom Squad wouldn’t have to pay for their own uniforms. I’ve done many, many generous things since then, but that one sticks in my memory as significant.

2. It was thoughtful of me to make a fragrance for the mother of the bride at Brenda and Steven’s wedding.

3. It was nice that I cooked for my family during and immediately after my father’s death.

4. I was a good friend when I stayed up with that girl all night after she took RU486.

5. I was sensitive when I brought my friend’s mom some ginger ale right after her radiation treatment.

6. I did a good job when I got Steven and Brenda to their own wedding on time.

7. I was very professional about the negotiations for purchase of a piece I sent in as a writing sample – by an editor I find troubling.

8. I went beyond the call of duty when I drove my friend to her career appointment, and waited for her for the afternoon, on my birthday.

9. I deserve a thank-you for getting the community pool re-opened.

10. I should get an Oscar for keeping a straight face at my friend’s baby shower, especially since I hate showers as misogynistic rituals.