Discovering a Sense of Resiliency: 50 Things I Like about Myself

magickalrealism wearing greenr

This particular exercise is interesting, as I run in circles where it’s considered déclassé to admit you like yourself. I break this rule frequently. I find myself quite likable, though I get frustrated with my own depression as it’s like nursing yourself when you ARE the colicky baby.  You can’t very well just put the crying baby down or walk away from it, and when it’s inside you, you don’t even have the escape option of handing the child off to someone else and disappearing.  This exercise comes after an ego-boosting weekend as well, so I’m riding a high that makes this perhaps easier than usual.

1. My lips. They’re full and pretty.

2. My sense of mischief. No one gets hurt, and it’s fun.

3. I can find the positive in the most bizarre and challenging situations. No matter how sad and angry something makes me, I can always find good in it somewhere.

4. I love my natural hair color.

5. I love the little white hairs slowly appearing in my natural hair – they’re pretty, and accent my age beautifully.

6. I’m a daydreamer. (TAKE THAT Mrs. Blech!) This was always listed as a fault by my teachers, and I think that’s because they were jealous.

7. I’m generally really good at establishing a rapport with the people I interview.

8. I’m a good listener.

9. I really do try to encourage everyone I speak to.

10. I’ve come to like my breasts. Now that I realize that they are behaving normally, our relationship has improved.

11. I am a great, sensual dancer.

12. I have a good eye for color.

13. My skin is amazing.

14. I like the little triangle mark on my right arm. It’s not a birthmark, it came later, but it’s always signified something I have yet to discover.

15. I like my exploratory nature.

16. I’m good at mixing original perfumes.

17. I’m an excellent and innovative cook.

18. I am, at my core, a happy person.

19. My love of plants has made me better at using them in daily life.

20. I catch on to bellydance moves fast.

21. I am a good writer.

22. I am a professional quality writer, with excellent practices for honing my craft.

23. I give great writing feedback.

24. I am really good at managing volunteers.

25. I communicate really well in tight situations.

26. I know my own mind.

27. I am willing to learn.

28. I am willing to teach.

29. I like that I’m a storyteller.

30. I have a gorgeous smile.

31. I have a strong sense of personal style.

32. I am more than just one thing.

33. I like my ability to think about magic from creative angles.

34. I can consider and value perspectives and practices from faiths other than my own.

35. I am capable of upholding and supporting a person’s right NOT to believe.

36. I have faith, and a lot of it.

37. I like that I’m the type of person who lives somewhere away from where I was born, so that I have to broaden my worldview.

38. I like that I’m willing to try new things.

39. I like that I’m an artist.

40. I like my long fingers.

41. I like that I can type more than 80 wpm.

42. I like that I can make people laugh.

43. I like that I’m sexy.

44. I like my strong calves.

45. I like my ability to say the shocking things.

46. I like that I can come up with more than just two solutions to community problems.

47. I like my activist streak, and that I used it to get a pool re-opened this year.

48. I like that I’m a geek, because it means I enjoy things.

49. I like that I use fear to fuel me forward instead of hold me back.

50. I like that so far, I’m aging well.