Discovering a Sense of Resiliency: Prayers for Fears

I am naming my fear-informant “Wibble.” I should probably sketch him. Or, actually, I’m sort of borrowing Marshall Mann from In Plain Sight. The character’s personality is perfect for this: he alerts me when I need protection.

Emotional Hangups
Dear Good Orderly Direction:
Please assist me in living in the present, and when old aches and demons, memories of support I didn’t have growing up try to overtake me, guide my hand in looking and asking for support from the right people around me.

Opportunists and Takers
Help me see them coming, and just as they’re charging at me, allow me to step aside and let them go running straight into a wall, or oncoming traffic, whatever works for You.

Help me recognize and cultivate allies, and help me make them feel heard and appreciated.

Let me feel confident in my work, and allow me to maintain that confidence around those whose talent intimidates me.