Discovering a Sense of Resiliency: My Ideal Day

The day begins early: 7 am. I stretch, thanking God/ess that Mike was amenable to moving to someplace more temperate than Minnesota that still allowed us to pursue our passions. Mike is up, too – he works from home most of the time now, which is his preference. I grab a smoothie I pre-made from the fridge, do my morning pages and boot up my computer. I finish my writing minimums by 10 am, blog posts included, and now I break to exercise until noon. Usually this consists of some kind of yoga, aerobics and minor calisthenics.

I am showered, gorgeous (my clothing is fabulous, from a new boutique I just discovered) and organized for my lunch meeting with my agent at my favorite sushi place. I drive my little electric car to the location, enjoying the slight relief from guilt the little car gives me.

My agent has a lot of good things to go over: not only do I have a book deal to sign off on, we’re moving forward with the script I just sold.  I cherish this agent; rare is the type who can handle both occult nonfiction and movie magic. I sign what needs signing, and we enjoy a great conversation filled with excellent rapport. While I won’t be doing any book tours as publishers don’t do that anymore, a little travel is on my horizon: Pantheocon for the nonfiction book I wrote, and of course a gaggle of scifi conventions for the urban fantasy novel series I write.

Once lunch is finished, I hit a new art gallery I hadn’t heard of, and then meet a friend/co-creative conspirator for coffee. We laugh our heads off most of the afternoon.

In the evening, Mike wants to go out for dinner. We find a seafood place we both like, and he tells me about his latest projects. I tell him about my talk with my agent and what it entails; he’s comfortable with me traveling as long as it builds airline miles for annual trip to Oahu. At the end of the day, I perform some before-bed yoga and meditation, thank the divinity for my abundance of blessings, and go to bed, ready to see what the next day offers.