Loose Check-in

this is my shrine to Sinfest Buddha - pic by Diana Rajchel

I let myself get hung up on two tasks. I do that sometimes. One led to the bestiary of creativity monsters being posted steadily on this blog. I still need to make one and burn it – I’m thinking of trying a hand at origami for that. I also made a shrine to Sinfest Buddha, using a leftover plate from an Arabic deli. He’s my Creativity Dude.

As to the usual:

1. Morning Pages: hit most of them. Those I didn’t was due to oversleeping and having to run to bellydance class.

2. Walks: I blistered the crap out of my feet on the last one again.

3. Artist’s Dates: Uh… not doing so good on these; I did get in an MIA visit, but last week’s date time was overtaken by someone in need of my spiritual services. I think I’m feeling uninspired looking for inspiration, and that perhaps I’m moving these into the zone of work and not play. Also, I like to find new stuff, and I know there’s plenty out there I haven’t seen so it’s always a conflict between my sense of safety and my sense of novelty.

4. Other issues: the above with the artist’s dates, worry, and I have another person in my life who, if left unchecked will become a needy drama-seeker. Most of my friends these days also work in something related to the arts and respect that writing time IS working time and to be respected, but there’s a few people who look at the flexible schedule and assume it’s not work, it’s goof time. Thankfully I have a call filter program on my Droid now. Besides, if someone really needs a supportive ear, make time for coffee – if you’re on the phone for more than twenty minutes, you’ve got time for a cup of coffee.

I’m also attending a blogger’s conference next week I’m nervous about. So lots of worry energy all over the place, too.