Weekly Check-in for Magickalrealism

1. Morning pages: 6 out of 7. There’s one day where I just got up late and kept going. My head was quite relieved at the later emptying.

2. Artist’s Date: sadly, no artist’s date this week. I meant to attend a brown bag lunch but deferred it to spend time with a friend.  Then I caught the early spring bug floating around. So unless you count watching the entire first season of 10 Things I Hate About You on hulu, no, I did not have an artist’s date this week. I didn’t even do my Friday beauty routine.

3. Weekly walk: Yes, though unplanned. My Google Maps on my droid does not do a stellar job of reading bus routes on the north/warehouse district side of downtown Minneapolis, so I ended up walking a mile through a formerly unsafe but now renovated section of Washington Avenue. While I could have shot pics with my Droid, I did not – but I saw one guy on the street who was out with his SLR, either doing PI work or getting shots of architecture. I have my replacement camera now, and it’s like getting a limb back. I didn’t realize how reflexive I’d become with the photos, and this may explain why I’m not taking so well to the sketching exercise.

4. Struggles and issues relevant to my recovery:
a)Success in fact scares the hell out of me because it levels me up to a floor of bigger possible failure. I accept this.
b)I am struggling with the “what next?” on the divorce and Wicca book. It needs so much more than mere polishing, and my brain is freezing up. Right now I’ve begun the work on the proposal, and I know it’s a hot mess. I need a mentor, now. But then the mentor would be stuck waiting while I polished things, and this precludes the polishing said mentor would send me back to do. Putting that in the God jar, actually. I know I have friends willing to help, but I haven’t found the exact right person for a mentorship.

I have discovered that I do trust my process and that the daily discipline isn’t that difficult. I now know that most writers don’t typically write much more than 1000 words a day. So part of my previous difficulty was really in trying too much, too fast. Now I know.