Discovering a Sense of Personal Territory: Putting a Tiger in Your Tank

1. Among my friends, a “fuse lighter” who makes me feel creative and powerful is Brenda. She’s always listening to my ideas and building on their possibilities.

2. Among my friends, a “wet blanket” who drains and dampens me is pretty much gone from my life.

3. Historically, a relationship that left me depleted from overcaretaking was L. She tended to do that to everyone, although I hear she’s gotten herself busy with something truly creative and is ceasing to drain those around her.

4. Realistically, a current relationship that leaves me feeling neutered is … dunno. I don’t share my creativity in a real way with people who do that to me, unless you count my mother.

5. My most reciprocal, mutually nurturing creative friendship is with Brenda. But I try to offer a creative element in all my relationships.