Walking in the World Weekly Check-in

040310 012
leafy plant at the Lake Harriet Rose garden pic by Diana Rajchel

1. I did my morning pages 6 days out of 7. One day I skipped due to sleep disruption, and at that point, I knew pretty well what was going on in my head and so did not want to see it on paper.

2. I did do my artist’s date this week. I have a Friday routine where I go do something I enjoy, come home, do an afternoon beauty treatment and watch an Elvis movie. I ended up going to a neighborhood in Minneapolis I haven’t visited in awhile – south Chicago – and after a pleasant lunch at a local tavern, poked in a Turkish imports shop and then wandered around the lake Harriet Rose Garden. I saw interesting things to and from.

3. Did you get out on your Weekly Walk? Yes. Last week was delightfully warm so I got out on a few walks.

4. Other issues that felt significant to your self-discovery?
Yes. I am continuing to have serious problems sleeping, to the tune of mixing an herbal/alcohol cocktail that I myself am beginning to find alarming. I’m not over-worried: I drink at most twice a week for recreation, and typically less than that. While there are metaphysical things going on, I have noticed one other thing: I am sick far less than I used to be. So the sleep disruption is troubling, but not as much as it might be. I just don’t like how it screws up my entire day, especially since I’m also trying to get into a regular workout schedule. Yes, I could exercise when tired, but I think it would just throw my body further into “emergency response” and cause me to store as much fat as I burned.