Discovering a Sense of Adventure: Dialogue between innovator and conserver

I: I really want to clear my studio of all this excess stuff by using it up.

C: The problem with that is that it doesn’t always sell when you do make it, and then you end up wasting precious perfume materials.

I: I have an idea for that – I’m combining my skills in papermaking to create sample books that will make it easier for people to smell perfumes before they purchase a vial.

C: Isn’t there a problem with some scents not sticking to the paper?

I: That’s true, and for those I can just buy traditional blotting strips, or stick a bit on a q-tip.

C: You’re on limited funds though, can you afford to buy those?

I: I have a small amount back from my blogs, I can invest it forward.

C: What about your relative lack of skill in some of the decoupage projects?

I: I’m learning. What I do badly I can recycle.

C: Also, what about the book you’re writing? It will take an increasing amount of time as you go.

I: Yeah, that one troubles me – it’s hard to strike a balance between the online business and writing a book when I don’t know if it will pay off at all.

C: You do believe in the philosophy of one small thing. Maybe you can spend every evening after dinner working on one small project related to using up the stuff in your studio. That project can include everything you have to do right up to listing it in your shop.

I: Sounds manageable.

C: Just remember that you don’t have to finish that project in one night. Just work on it a little at a time every night.

I: A-HA!