Discovering a Sense of Proportion: Anger

Mill City Museum
image from an artist's date - pic by Diana Rajchel

I have far less problem with anger than is socially acceptable from a woman my age. When you take into account that my family, especially my mother, went out of her way to suppress any sign of anger and real personality from me in particular, two things are remarkable:

1. That I did not transform into some sort of sociopath
2. That I am often successfully angry.

Anger is no problem solving skill, of course, but learning to live with it rather than letting it eat you is an excellent first step.

Rather than write the list of all 50 things I mentioned being angry about, I’m going to mention overarching themes:
Family – my family experience in this lifetime is an utter and shameful failure. This is not my fault.
Rejection – not just of my work, but of me, early and often.
Exclusion – I get pushed outside the play group. A lot.
Being ignored – I am unfairly or even deliberately overlooked, and it pisses me off.
Being invaded – People want to know things about me that they don’t need to know, like details on how I practice my religion (this comes under family failure, too.)
Negative attitudes – people get it in their heads that the world’s a certain way, and use it as an excuse to not even try. They expect me to condone and participate, but I think the attitudes are bullshit.

Those are the big overarching themes amidst all the minor stuff that angers me. Each one has a karmic lesson attached somewhere, too.