Discovering a Sense of Proportion: My wishlist

Rose Garden August 20091. I wish I had more time to read.
2. I wish all my books were gone.
3. I wish to finish the book I’m writing.
4. I wish we had a housekeeper.
5. I wish to find a non-religious grief counseling group.
6. I wish for yet more friends, allies and support.
7. I wish someone could handle my phone calls for me.
8. I wish to get more stuff done in a day.
9. I wish to live somewhere sunny year round.
10. I wish to live somewhere warm.
11. I wish I could take Aikido classes.
12. I wish I had the funds to do a week-long exercise class intensive lifestyle.
13. I wish I had the rest of the current Doctor Who DVDs.
14. I wish for more time to work on my perfume company.
15. I wish people would ask me to create perfumes I want to create rather than the imitative crap that’s already everywhere.
16. I wish to direct more attention to my blogs.
17. I wish to work as a writer on a television show I love.
18. I wish to spend a day taking photos at the U of M.
19. I wish to get an SLR camera.
20. I wish to take a photography class.