Sense of Proportion: Identifying identity

Joel's Toys
actually my friend Joel's childhod toys. pic by Diana Rajchel

1. As a small child I dreamed of growing up to be independent.

2. In my childhood, I was encouraged initially in visual art but then got pushed into music.

3. In my childhood, my interest in writing was verbally approved but in action discouraged.

4. If I had more encouragement, I probably would have tried more sketches or writing and putting on plays.

5. The teachers who helped me see my gifts were Mrs. Geimer, Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Rose.

6. The childhood friend who helped me see my gifts didn’t exist. I didn’t have friends that helped me creatively until I got into college. Most were either wrapped up in truly serious life stuff or were just utterly wrapped up in themselves and remain so to this day.

7. If I had another life, the art form I would start exploring early is writing – and I’d make sure I took those journalism classes in summer school.

8. The reason it is too late for me in this lifetime is that I can’t get those youthful foundations back, the journalism and writing classes that launch you through college and beyond. I have to make another path for myself because my parents blocked the path that would have ensured a career now.

9. One action I can take in the direction of my childhood love is to write anyway. And I do. But I can also deliberately start contacting others in the pro field, something I do not do very well.

10. I now commit to this dream by writing a little bit five days a week, and making an effort to contact someone else in the field at least twice a month.