Discovering a Sense of Origin: Doing Nothing


Truth be told, I’ve practiced meditation since 1996. Sometimes I got good at it, and then I’d fall off, and then I’d have to start over again. This period of sliding and backsliding has continued. A recent series of events, or perhaps a mini-breakdown after last year’s death-loss-wedding events, has forced me back to meditation. I’d dropped the practice in favor of morning pages despite the workshop I attended many years ago that pointed to the efficacy of journaling and then meditating. I knew I was skipping the optimal, in the interests of time or something like it.

My husband bought me a Droid right before our wedding. While I still resist new technology, tech is the deal when living with him, so I acceded, mostly for the GPS after getting lost trying to find the Rose Garden with my magical working partner on Halloween. I’ve surprised myself at how quickly I’ve adapted – it’s now my main meditation tool; the Lightning Bug program has some great stuff that is working well with my western mind for meditation methods.

Twenty minutes a day, doing nothing. My brain always thanks me.