A Sense of Origin: Personals Ad for an Artist-Writer

Self Portrait, Minnehaha Falls
10 adjectives of self-description
1. Smart
2. Off-center
3. Funny (often unintentionally)
4. Forthright
5. Organized (more or less)
6. Sincere
7. Honest
8. Dreamer (in a “let’s use what we’ve got!”/Rube Goldberg sort of way)
9. Storyteller
10. Feminist

One artist-writer looking for a creative partner who can take it when she tells him/her what she really thinks – because she will. Often. Much of the time she may try not to, but will in the end be unable to help herself. Must appreciate having poop in a group, must appreciate and preserve a tidy workspace and above all must tell the truth. Expect many laughs, both at artist-writer and at yourself. Humor may be hard to communicate; if male, expect to have to hold your own with a very strong woman.