Discovering a Sense of Origin: What the hell, might as well

20 things I might as well do:

1. Clean those closets

2. Do that photo project involving the contents of my bedroom closet

3. Make macarons, even with the bastardized nuts

4. Write that zine on ANYTHING

5. Produce that pamphlet on crazymakers

6. PDF my blog like it’s the end of the world story and send it to the man who wants to illustrate it

7. Redesign my business cards

8. Take that sewing class

9. Create blog posts around fashion sketches

10. Go to a blogging conference

11. Write some poetry

12. Read said poetry at an open mic night

13. Visit the IDS tower observation deck

14. Take a photography class, product and regular

15. Finish that IPS fanfic, or at least do the next installment

16. Go to the comedy night at ACME

17. Mix up that perfume that smells like smoke

18. Try some of those recipes from Food & Wine

19. Go back to bellydance classes

20. Assemble my one-woman anthology