But when can I do those morning pages????

I think, after reading an Ask Metafilter post on when on earth couples find time to make love these days, I have the answer for morning pages:

Right after work. While I work for myself these days, there are so many situations where I just have to get up, yank clothes on and run myself. It’s not optimal, but it is what it is. And given a choice between sex or morning pages, I advocate sex. It doesn’t have to be a duet or group number.

Seriously, think about it: the point of the morning pages is to give yourself time to chat with your subconscious so it doesn’t act out in the middle of the day and create drama all over the walls of the break room.  Most of us, however, have the self control not to do that, or are fortunate enough to ride a bus or train to work that allows us to do our morning pages on the way in to work. But if you have to get kids out the door, drive to work, find parking, get coffee for your boss, etc. etc. then morning is just not the optimal time to do morning pages – god knows your sleep is precious already.

My suggestion? Do it right after you get home from work, or even linger at work (if you can without your boss sucking you into something) to do them. Granted, I was never paid enough to take part in happy hour culture so I might be advocating you miss some schmoozing, but it’s not like you need to schmooze every night. Give people a chance to miss you!

Here’s my reasoning: in my experience, the transition from work to home was a transfer of consciousness. I would come home mentally tired and it would become a form of physical exhaustion. Exercise, yoga, etc. was just out of the question. By the time I recovered enough to live my own life, I would have to choose between staying up too late or getting some much needed rest. It left me resenting my job for the way I felt continuously robbed of life by it.

Most of that “deadened” feeling came from the very feelings and ideas morning pages are meant to capture. It lets you bitch about your boss and the stupidity of HR, and allows you to get insight into what you really wanted to be doing all day. I come out of morning pages feeling much more centered at any time of day, so it’s worth a try.

In addition, especially if you have a family but for anyone who has to rush around during the week:

I sometimes take one day a week to prep meals and pack lunches for myself for the week ahead. It only takes a little while to make a few sandwiches and have them stored and stacked to grab every day of the week. And if you need to prepare meals for your family, brown rice can take awhile to cook, but can keep a really long time in the fridge – so you can easily use it as a base and then throw beans, tomatoes, etc. in the pot with seasoning for something yummy and fast. I also have gone so far as to buy myself a personal blender set and then I pre-mix breakfast smoothies once a week, so I have three or four days a week I can just grab from the fridge and grab a piece of fruit or make toast and go.

It’s just a thought under the “how do I find the time.” It’s sitting there, you may just be convinced it’s stolen.

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  1. It took me a good two years to really get the hang of morning pages. I personally like doing them in the morning, as I’m waking up. I try to challenge myself to write as fast as possible to by pass my “censors”, it took a few tries. Good luck to you.

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