Where do we go from here?

So I’ve finished Vein of Gold, and I think I did figure out what it is: I handle grief well, and maybe I can help others handle their grief well – at least, those who want to be helped.

Not really a fun vein to tap, but a vein.

So at this point, I have Walking in the World. It’s been waiting for me since this time last year. I also have the Write Yourself Right diet, and I’m frankly in no hurry to get to that one, although it would coincide with my water aerobics class and walking program. I know that there are a few other books by Cameron out there, and I’ve dipped my toe in the waters of the central Artist’s Way forum, but I’m finding the way the forums are arranged makes it a little hard for me to connect.

My downstairs neighbors, at my suggestion and the urging of their therapist, have started on the Artist’s Way and come to me once in awhile for coaching. I have another friend who has asked me to be her sponsor, and for her, it’s mostly about the morning pages. People really get tangled up in the whole morning pages aspect -for me it’s the stuff you don’t do every day that gets me! Cameron specifically states, “Avoid self appointed gurus” so I’m setting aside my temptation to “teach” the artist’s way (it’s like teaching any art – you learn by doing, not by hearing lectures.)

While I can’t point to any golden work magically published and bestselling like mad, I think this has been worth it and will continue to be worth it. I’m just debating whether to take a break until this spring, or to just motor right on ahead into the next book. I don’t want to redo the Artist’s Way just yet – I actually completed it, after all, and I’ve already been trapped in repeating lessons  well before I needed a review. And those artist’s dates, I’m behind on those… Hm.

I guess I’ll take a peek at the beginning and end and see where I’m going. I’d also like to see how my current cluster feels about me starting a local cluster. So I’ll leave it for a few days if I can, and see where I end up.

2 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?”

  1. thanks for checking out our blog: Finding Waterthebook.blogspot.com……..we’ve added you on our lists of blogs to read. Love for you guys to do some of the exercises in the book with us. We’re only on week two. I myself find that I need to keep those knives sharpened and skills honed. The only way I do it is keep on doing classes like Cameron’s or other online writing classes. Otherwise, I get into a slump or worse: discouraged. But everyone is different….good luck. That book on divorce sounds interesting….

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