Kingdom of Possibility: Circle of Possibility – I’ve finished!

With this exercise, I’ve finished the Vein of Gold. It took me longer than twelve weeks (unsurprising, it always does) and I know I’ve skipped a few artist’s dates. But in the end, I did it, and I’ve worked through yet more of my internal crap, and again I see joy as something reachable, even by me.

I’m far from done. The point of this blog is to work through all of Julia Cameron’s creativity series, and although I’m a plus size blogger and completely anti-diet for some very sound reasons, I am willing to tr the “Write Yourself Right” diet because, whatever its effect on my waistline, it will have an effect on my byline. While the peek I’ve taken will cause me a few quibbles – giving food moral values like “sinful” and “saintly” harm everyone – I’m going to forgive that because of Ms. Cameron’s long slog through the language and lifestyle of AA, which she has made clear she absolutely needs.

I’ve also been doing book reviews for Facing North for quite a long time, and now I’m getting sent a few books on creativity and writing prompts; they may also find a place here. I know that my cluster member, xiane, has commented on going back and doing the Artist’s Way again. I don’t know if I’m ready to cycle back. I also have Walking This World waiting for me, and I plan to get my hands on any others floating around, like the Right to Write. I’ve come this far – I want to see where else this work takes me. Come to think of it, xiane sent me a copy of Wreck this Journal I have yet to play with. And that has GOT to make for some fun blogging.

I wish I had a laundry list of accomplishment to go with it. Two book outlines, and the start to a manuscript I’ve been pushing off. A lot of home cooking done, and it’s way easier to integrate exercise and other happy things into my lifestyle. I’m going to give myself an allowance – my father died and I got married last year – and this year, with less pivotal drama, there should be hopefully more room to complete some things.