The Kingdom of Possibility: Risk

So…this is my collage of risk. Rather than buying more posterboard, I went ahead and used the cardboard back to the giant kiddy tablet I’ve been using for collage and idea-boarding. I was using a wedding magazine – I wanted to see what the fuss was about – and it seemed like an interesting intuitive tool since “wedding” is not in my wheelhouse although obviously “marriage” is.

On the surface, it seems that to me, relationships are the biggest risks of all, followed by purple lipstick and décolletage. Actually, I do think there’s something to it, especially about seeming too “girly.” I affect disdain for wedding magazines and I do think they’re ultimately disempowering by encouraging young women to start their marriages in debt. Even so, that seeming fussiness is actually beneath the surface a type of self care and mental health that I yearn for. I would like to have more female friends and connections to them, sometimes in seemingly girlish ways. To me it’s risky as my female relationships have been continuously faulty while my relationships with men last for decades, sometimes, and are generally low-key to positive.


2 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Possibility: Risk”

  1. It’s interesting. As I was reading this it occurred to me that all my non-internet female relationships are “faulty”. If I get down to the heart of it the man is my best friend and he is the only one I trust to truly have my best interest at heart. I can instantly see both good and bad things about this. I need to go out and make some female friends to round out my psyche.

    I find it interesting that in your collage that you have the chest piece lying down. Is that checkmate?

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