Self Portrait in Snake Tank

I thought I’d do a check in since it’s been awhile, and I’ve had some major events in the past year, obviously. Yay me for keeping on trucking and using Julia Cameron’s ideas as tools for support through the hard stuff rather than as “one more thing I gotta do.” I’m pretty sure I’m 25% less certifiable as a direct result.

I’m at the end of Vein of Gold, but there are lurching stops and starts along the way. Artist’s walks, also, are not nearly as safe to do in Minneapolis, MN in winter as they are in New York, NY or Albuquerque, New Mexico, so I am not doing them daily – I am doing them weekly, from inside the safety of the Como Conservatory. Once spring breaks for real I will once again hit the pavement. I have the pictures for the risk collage torn out and waiting, but a slew of Real Live Creative Projects have caused me to set it aside. I’m assuming this is good, since the entire point of these exercises is to help an artist get to work.

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I’m good about the morning pages. They’ve become an important part of my morning meditation/magick/workout sessions, and those sessions have become an imperative. When I’m in a space to write more about it, I’ll tell you the whole story, but right now my magical life has reasserted its importance in a big way – but not in a way that other magical people in my life will find convenient to their purposes.

I still have trouble keeping to my artist’s dates, and wow, the excuses I give are really overtly lame. I am, however, truly fighting off overscheduling – a lot of people have taken an interest in me. Some for their purposes, some because they want to support mine. Having allies is good, but managing allies is hard work sometimes. Fortunately/unfortunately, my Friday night writer’s group got moved to Thursdays in a distant suburb. It’s a bit uncomfortable especially since I have to juggle car-use with my husband, but I’m working with it because the group members are thoroughly in each others’ court, and I’m hoping that the Muses will intervene and find a place that suits everyone, that’s free and that is easily accessible by mass transit. (Putting it out there. Maybe I should offer some poetry and ask?) There is the additional frustration that all the REALLY cool free arts/networking events in Minneapolis happen on Thursday nights.

While I may have some frustration with the above, my writing career takes precedence over fun, and there are art crawls a-plenty in the spring, especially in Saint Paul. This also leaves me Friday completely free (except when I have 1:1s with a buddy – which I’m hoping we can move to another day.) This leaves me free to do an artist’s walk, have an artist’s date, and come home before Mike returns from the lab to do all the fussy feminine stuff I need to do once a week – manicure, pedicure, hair oil treatment, facial, etc. – while watching a horrendously girly movie, something with young Elvis, or anything with “Beach Blanket” in the title. Week one went pretty well. Next week, I’m leaning towards a visit to the Weisman or doing my “artist’s walk” in the Minneapolis skyway, assuming I find something else interesting there, too – which, I probably will.