A recommendation for Artist’s Dates

While I think most of us try to do free activities on our artist’s dates – as that’s what we can sustain – a small indulgence here and there can make for a lovely and enriching experience. This is why I go to discount movies and the like.

I recently bought into the cultural wonder of the new age of discounts: the voucher coupon. Many of you wired types have already heard of this.

The following businesses allow you to subscribe for free, and you get daily offers. The way they works is that you pay a set amount of money up front, and that buys you a service or good at a higher value. So, I can buy a restaurant voucher for $15 that pays for $30 worth of food. They’re all the rage with the kids these days. Certainly pick and choose and jump on only what you love – otherwise it’s too easy to overspend – and read your fine print, as these offers sometimes have limits. Still, I’ve used a few so far and it’s been wonderful every time.

The following services I know of that offer this:

You can set your emails so that it brings up offers relevant to your location. I think you can also use all of these when traveling. Pretty nifty!