Artist’s Way applied: why am I afraid to write this project?

I’m having trouble making myself write a fanfic. I know it’s eyebrow raising, but let’s set this aside. I do fanfic to fulfill my frivolity needs because I’m very straightforward and much of my life is Serious Business. So, in the course of my block, I took a page from the Artist’s Way exercise where you ask yourself: “Why am I afraid of this project?” And then you answer and proceed to poke some holes in your inner critic.

Why am I having trouble with this fanfiction?

  • It’s frivolous


  • What if the other fans don’t like it and are mean?

They might wound my ego, but there’s a good chance someone will read it and like it.

  • What if what I’m saying has already been  said?

Tropes are common in fanfiction and beyond. If I’m entertained by the trope, yay.

  • It’s plagiarism (?)

Borrowing characters that don’t belong to me do dread on creative principles and a few laws. You got me there. But a fair number of  TV shows/producers nowadays consciously overlook fanfiction because it enhances Internet presence and the kind of social community that can get rabid fans to buy merchandise and help keep programming on the air. My playing around with someone else’s characters can lead them to making more money in a peculiar way. This would NOT be true if I were borrowing characters from books.

  • I can’t get paid for it

There’s a lot of things I do that I don’t get paid for that still pay off. Look at my life in Daria fandom.

  • I am much too Serious a Writer to do fanfic

The things that have succeeded and brought me the most success were the things I did when I let go and enjoyed myself. This includes fandom. Serious writers are not successful writers – they put all that energy into being serious. I think I’ll be a fun, funny writer and let all the serious stuff roost elsewhere, maybe in a vacuum cleaner.