Kingdom of Spirituality: 5 moments of divine guidance

sky encircled by trees - a shot I took at Father Hennepin Park


  1. Moving to Mankato. Admittedly, it wasn’t the best reason (a boy) but after we broke up I continued to receive signs indicating I should head that direction. It was the only direction in which at the end, I could be my own person.
  2. Quitting Q Corporation two hours before the department shut down. I was sick and they were being excessively strict about my illness, and I chose myself. Apparently that would have been the only choice anyway.
  3. Walking into the occult bookstore and immediately finding J standing there.
  4. Brenda walking into my workplace after we’d been out of touch for nearly two years.
  5. Lots of small synchronicities I can’t specifically recall at the moment, like spending my last dollar on a scratch off and getting what I needed to get through the week, etc.